Karyn Dwyer
"The highlight of the movie is unquestionably Karyn Dwyer's performance as Maggie. She brings a sexy intelligence to the role of a floating 19 year old trying to find a place to land, that keeps us rooting for her..."
  - Chicago Tribune

 "Karyn Dwyer, in particular, nails her Felicity Takes a Walk on the Wild Side role with a charming turn as an earnest, big-hearted girl for whom no good intention goes unpunished."
  - The Austin Chronicle

"Karyn Dwyer certainly has the ability to light up a scene."
  -ReelViews James Bernardinelli

 "Capably serving as the film's heart and soul is Karyn Dwyer, a fresh faced 19 year old. (Dwyer is) terrific, lending the goings on a heated, poignant credibility."
  - Hollywood Reporter

"Maggie (Karyn Dwyer), with her luscious, curly, reddish-brown hair and her all-American girl looks, would be a catch for anybody."

"Karyn Dwyer is wonderful as Maggie, from the nervousness in her new relationship to her creativity and sense of humour as she grows stronger throughout the course of the film." 
-San Francisco Times


 "Pasha McKenley and Karyn Dwyer star in the paradoxically whimsical 'Suffragette Koans.'" (Variety"


 "Karyn Dwyer exhibits energetic charm as Cecily." (Tolucan Times)


"…a magical little piece of theatre in which five Victorian ladies take the form by the, er, private parts and pose their thoughts to the universe to create an absolutely delightful meditation… director Joyce Piven, whose gentle yet sure hand guides an ensemble of appealing actors who seem completely at home with this loose-limbed material. Investing it with a physicality and free-willed theatricality, the company is sharp and funny and, in investigating what goes on under those lacy, beribboned bloomers, enormously sexy." (Backstage West)



"Karyn Dwyer is guileless and wry" (LA Times)



"Joyce Piven's direction of this American premiere is graceful and intelligent, and she benefits from a clearly talented ensemble." (Variety)

"Raphael has a delicacy of delivery burnished with sly wit... Dwyer is equally good as the adventurous Cecily, catching up on all the fun she can. " (Variety)



"Carson's ladies aren't the usual wan submissives that we've come to expect from that era. Rather, they're bursting with life, lust and questions." (L.A. Weekly)

"Described by Carson as a ..a ladylike black comedy', the text is as slight as the Zen story form it emulates and as layered as the Victorian-era underwear sported by director Joyce Piven's accomplished cast." (L.A. Times)

"Every performance is a nuanced gem, with Karyn Dwyer's perky lovestruck redhead providing the emotional center (along with a few steamy interludes entailing bodypainting as foreplay and a restroom encounter)."
- Syracuse New Times

 Karyn Dwyer ... couldn't be more appealing.... this is a smart, cheerful, movie that's hard not to like. A festival circuit favorite through the first half of this year."

- SPLICEDWire - Rob Blackwelder
 "Vivacious Vancouver baby dyke Maggie (Karyn Dwyer), in a vividly animated performance " Clean Sheets -Gary 
"...[The film] brims over with good humor and high spirits and has some moments of stunning yet tasteful eroticism. Karyn Dwyer and Christina Cox are charmers, and that's also the case with BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE..."
- Los Angeles Times - Kevin Thomas
"Karyn Dwyer certainly has the ability to light up a scene."
-ReelViews James Bernardinelli
"...Few lesbian love stories have been so romantic; even fewer have conveyed such joy of sex..."
- Entertainment Weekly - Michael Sauter

"Actress Karyn Dwyer does a good job as the woman on the brink of insanity." Film Threat on "Dying Like Ophelia


"What shines best (no pun intended) is shoe shiner Karyn Dwyer. She has all the characteristics of the typical working class stiff with a likeable honesty."

Film Threat on "Polished"

"Dwyer shows a nimble, humorous intelligence. "

Toronto Star Geoff Chapman review of "The Rover"

 "Karyn Dwyer as Speed -What a perfect pantomime principle boy!"
  CBC Morning Show Dennis Ferry review of "Two Gentlemen of Verona"



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